Restoration/ Reconstruction of Museum Building

  • Patna
  • 25-Jun-2018 - 30-Sep-2021


Name of the Museum

Implemented Department

Updated Status

Under the financial year 2016-2017, building of total 6 museums have been set for the restoration/ beautification work

Bhagalpur Museum


The estimated amount is Rs 2.49 crore. Technical approval has been received and administrative approval is still under process.

Chapra Museum


Building construction work has been completed. Estimates for beautification and logistic work have been prepared.


Chandradhari Museum, Darbhanga


80% of the restoration work has been completed.It is expected to be completed by 04.07.2018.

An amount of 20 lakh is estimated for electrification work, 80% work has been completed.

Gaya Museum


The restoration work of the building has been completed.
Electricity / sealing / counter construction work is still pending

Munger Museum


Restoration work has been completed.

Ramchandra Shahi Museum, Muzaffarpur


The restoration work has been completed and the finishing work is under progress.

Under the financial year 2017-2018, building of total 5museums have been set for the restoration/ beautification work

Mithila Lalit Museum, Saurath, Madhubani


The estimated amount is Rs. 13.26 crores.

Chechar Museum


Land is unavailable for road construction and wall construction.

Mahraja Lakshmeshwar Singh Museum, Darbhanga


The revised estimate of Rs. 31.95 lakhs has been prepared.

New construction in Bihar sharif


Land is unavailable for construction work.

New construction in Lakhisarai


The land for construction is selected and agency is to be selected.