Under Bihar Vikas Mission, for the implementation of Good Governance Program 2015-2020 in mission mode, “Industries and Business Vikas Sub Mission” has been constituted under the chairmanship of Development commissioner of the State.

Under this Sub-Mission, Five Departments are covered and there is increased focus on their projects.

The departments are as follows :-

1. Industry Department  [http://www.industries.bih.nic.in/]

2. Sugarcane Industry Department. [http://sugarcane.bih.nic.in/]

3. Information and Technology Department. [http://dit.bihar.gov.in/]

4. Science and Technology Department. [http://dst.bih.nic.in/]


1. Industry Department,

Constitution of Rs.500 crore Venture capital fund and Establishment of Incubation Center :-

  • Bihar Start Up Policy has been in force since March, 2017.
  • Total 5606 applications have been received till now for Start Ups.
  • 931 start ups have been aligned with Host institutes for Incubation.’
  • In the year 2016-17, Rs. 50 crore has been provided for Venture Capital Fund.
  • For Venture Capital Fund, out of 110 applications forwarded to Investment Advisory Council 57 applications have been certified.
  • As first installment, an amount of Rs. 118.87 lakh has been released to 49 applicants so far and as second installment, an amount of Rs. 102.77 lakh has been released to 21 start ups.

 Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion Policy, 2016 :-

  • For this Promotion Policy a total 1036 online applications have been received so far.
  • Stage-1 clearance has been provided to 880 applications through SIPB(State Investment Promotion Board) which entails a proposed investment of Rs. 12265.96 crores.
  • 201 proposals have got financial promotion clearance with a total estimated investment of Rs. 1855.24 crores. The number of units working in the State is 89, in which the total invested amount is Rs. 769.77 crore.

2. Sugarcane Industry Department,

 Sugarcane Industry and Sugarcane Farmer’s Promotion Policy :-

  • In the year 2016-17, an expenditure of Rs. 14.11 crores has been incurred from the approved amount of Rs. 18.65 crores under Mukhyamantri Sugarcane Development Policy.
  • In the year 2016-17, approved amount of Rs. 81.84 crore has been distributed under the Sugar mill promotion package.
  • In the year 2016-17, the achievement of seed displacement rate has been 10.94% against the target of 13%.
  • For Sugar recovery, the achievement has been 9.17% against the target of 10.50%.
  • For the year 2017-18, Rs. 22.34 crore has been approved under Chief Minister Sugarcane Development Program.Out of which Rs. 13.44 crores has been spent.
  • In the year 2017-18, under the Sugar mill promotion policy, an expenditure of Rs. 62.53crore has been incurred from the approved amount of Rs. 78.00 crore.
  • For the year 2018-2019, project report is being prepared for the approval of the scheme under the Chief Minister's Sugarcane Development Program.
  • In the year 2018-19, A budget of Rs. 58.77 crore has been provided for the scheme of sugar mill incentive. An amount of Rs. 19.16 crore has been spent so far.

3. Information and Technology Department,

Implementation of various components under IT Road Map :-

  • Draft BID Documents (RFP & DCA) related to the development of the World Class I.T. tower in Patna, for short term, through public-private partnership, is under consideration at the level of the authorized committee.
  • In Mid Term, Building Construction Department has identified land for the Construction of I.T Tower in Bandar Bagicha and Secretary, Bihar Legislative Assembly/ Council are requested to relocate the honorable members of the Legislative Assembly/ Legislative Council who presently have residences on the earmarked land.
  • For Long Term the money demanded by BIADA for acquiring land in Bihta has been received by the Public Finance Committee and the Cabinet approval has been taken. Process of land transfer is under process at BIADA level.
  • The recommendation of Public Finance Committee has been done for the reimbursement of money required by IDA for the construction of IT City in Rajgeer. Tender has been released by Building Construction Department for construction of wall on earmarked land.
  • Approval has been taken from BIT Mishra for the establishment of Incubation Center consisting of 100 seats. Detailed proposal related to the establishment of incubation Center has been provided to Bulding Construction Department by BIT, MESRA, Patna. And request has been made to provide the revised proposal.
  • MoU has been signed with BRPNNL for the construction of Incubation Center in IIT, Patna under Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM). Tenders have been published and as per the targets set  this work should be completed in the next 18 months.

4. Science & technology Department,

Esatablishment of IIIT :-

  • 50 acres of land has been provided by the state government in the premises of  College of Engineering, Bhagalpur for construction of IIIT. The process of transfer of land has been initiated.
  • Restoration of Temporary building is being done by Building Construction Department.
  • 73 admissions have been taken against 120 seats in Electronics and Communication and Computer science.
  •  The academic session for the year 2017-18 has started.
  • An additional course named Electro Mechanical Engineering course has been started from the session 2018-2019. for which 30 admissions need to be taken.