The programs and schemes implemented by the state government in the past, such as Agriculture Road Map, Human Development Mission, Skill Development Mission, Basic Infrastructure and Industrial Incentives, with schemes for investors have achieved a lot. The state government has successfully operated schemes for development in the field of Education, Health, Welfare and Development of Backward and Deprived classes. Taking these programs forward and based on the learning from the past experience a combined program has been designed based on ‘Development with Justice’ for the next 5 years. The state government has made a commitment of 7 Nishchay and integrated them with ‘Good Governance Program 2015-2020’ for a developed Bihar, which was implemented via notification no. 5/मं0सं0(ज0शि0)विविध(सुशा0) – 11/ 2015—673 dated 21 December, 2016 of Cabinet Secretariat Department.

The priority of the state government is not limited to providing basic amenities, like drinking water, toilets and electricity to its citizens but to also expand the network of basic infrastructure such as roads, bridges, footpath-drainage system etc. The government is committed to empower the youth and women and make them self-reliant and making the higher, occupational and technical education accessible to them. All these points have been combined to create the frame work of 7 Nishchay. In order to implement these Nishchay and programs in mission mode and for consultancy and monitoring ‘Bihar Vikas Mission’ was constituted under the Cabinet Secretariat Department notification no. सं0  मं0सं0—01 / Council of Ministers – 02/2016 dated 28 January, 2016.

Seven Sub Missions have been constituted under Bihar Vikas Mission and they are: Youth Sub Mission, Drinking water, Sanitation, Rural and Urban Development Sub Mission, Human Development Sub Mission, Agriculture Sub Mission, Industry and Business Sub Mission, Infrastructure Sub Mission and Lok Samvaad and Brand Bihar sub-mission. The objective of ‘Bihar Vikas Mission’ is to ensure the implementation in mission mode 7 Nischay for developed Bihar within the programs of Good Governance 2015-2020, Agriculture Road Map, Human Development Mission, Skill Development Mission, Infrastructure development and incentives for industrial development along with determining the priorities and monitoring of progress and achievements against targets of programs.

Seven Nischay have been designed in such a way that the schemes formulated under them reach across every class of the society equally without any bias or prejudice. Which means that all schemes under 7 Nischay are Universal.

The Government has expressed its commitment for development with justice that carries along all regions and sections of society. The primary objective of the Government is the all-round development of the state and in the course of this journey government has fulfilled all the resolutions which they had taken earlier. Government has always worked for Bihar’s development and for enhancing its dignity. All the policies and programs of Agriculture Road Map, Human Development Mission, Skill Development Mission and Industrial promotion will continue with vigor and seriousness. Various schemes of Education, Health, Infrastructure and development of Mahadalit, Dalit, Backward classes, and Poor people of General Category which are going on successfully will be strengthened further.